Black & Gray Addiction Support Inc.

Black & Gray Addiction Support Inc.

Addiction Counsellors

General info

At Black & Gray Addiction Support, we are setting a new perspective on what constitutes “helping” with substance and behavioural issues, by respectfully and collaboratively assisting in the achievement of positive changes selected by our clients. 


Our role is to focus on the outcome of a client’s own view of success, offering a wide variety of options for improvement, while allowing the client the freedom to select the option(s) they choose to work on, with the intensity they desire. 


We make no condemnation about a person’s choices in substance consumption, but rather seek to assist people in fulfilling their own desires for life improvement and satisfaction. 


Black & Gray Addiction Support is a wholehearted client-centred practice, where success is not gauged by “days sober”, but as the improvement of our clients’ quality of life.