Cody Barkhouse

Cody Barkhouse

Holistic Health Coach

General info

Cody Barkhouse is a Holistic Health Coach that specializes in holistic nutrition, stress management, goal setting, and fitness. Cody has certifications in general nutrition, sports nutrition, and holistic lifestyle coaching along with a passion for reading and learning about the human mind, body and spirit. He uses a combination of all of these aspects with his clients to create a healthy, holistic, and sustainable life.


Cody has always loved learning about optimal human health and performance and believes you have to look at a person’s life as a whole, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, to truly help them find sustainable, long-term success.


Cody is also a lifelong martial artist and has trained and competed for 10 years in kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and MMA. He uses everything he’s learned in all aspects of his life experience to give his clients the best experience and results possible.