Erika Lindsay

Erika Lindsay

Spiritual Teacher

General info

Erika is a Spiritual Teacher who helps others in cultivating & nurturing their own spiritual connection.

For years, Erika wanted nothing more than to be at peace with herself, but found it difficult and turned to drinking as a way to cope with all her discomfort. Finally, in 2016 she threw in the towel and began her own recovery journey. She was drawn to spirituality from the beginning, and it quickly became forefront in her recovery. Not only has it helped her remain 5 years sober, but also helped her through anxiety, depression, codependency and more.

Erika uses her own personal experiences, along with spiritual tools, teachings and practices to help others in cultivating and nurturing their own spiritual connection. Recovery and helping others is something near to her heart, and she looks forward to helping guide you in finding peace along your recovery journey.